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Come Dine With Us!

We are committed to using local, seasonal and sustainably harvested and foraged products. We  cherish the raw ingredients we work with and the hardworking folks who produce them. Our style draws influence from a variety of cuisines held together with classic French technique and a healthy dose of Southern Comfort. 

Our wine program is passionately and thoughtfully designed around small, family run wineries who practice organic farming or use natural wine making methods. Our program is heavily based in terroir and the unique stories that each bottle tells. Our goal is to offer our guests world class wines at reasonable prices while removing the intimidation that some feel when approaching wine. We are passionate about removing the barriers that come between our guests and one of our favorite libations. A bottle of wine can truly act as a postcard and transport the drinker to the part of the world where it was created. Come journey with us. 


Our spirits collection imparts a similar ethos. We enthusiastically support spirits and liqueurs that have been made by generations of distillers and their families. While we stock many brands you may easily recognize on a bar shelf, we also offer a hard to find, scarce and allocated collection of spirits that you may not see anywhere else, ranging from Amari to Armagnac, cask strength Bourbon to campfire-in-your-mouth-but-still-perfectly-balanced Scotch, single orchard Mezcal to lengthy barrel-aged tequila and everywhere in-between. If you don’t recognize something on our shelves, feel free to ask about it. We love to imbibe wisely and to teach others to do the same. 

                                                                                      Cheers, friends. 

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